Distribution API

Our API is ideal for any OTAs, distribution channels and Metasearch engines. Our large inventory allows you to reach global as well as regional customers, in a wide variety of segments. Make a selection of your preferred supply partners and get their inventory via our NextPax Distribution API. With our global and scalable solution available for your platform, your next guests are knocking on your doors sooner than you think.

Supply API

If you are an accommodation partner having a large amount of accommodations and you use your own system to manage the entire operations, use our Supply API to connect all the information you want to distribute and in return you can synchronize all bookings and payments automatically in your technology! Have your developers explore our Supply API to understand how they can connect your business to the world.

Bookings API Capabilities

Connect your vacation rentals with all major booking sites and millions of visitors. With our Booking API working in tandem with the Distribution & Supply APIs, you get updates and bookings instantly and synced throughout the network.

PCI & PII Compliance

Security of credit card and payments transactions.

Real Time Sync

Getting information about a specific booking.

Reporting Capabilities

Report offline bookings.

Reservation Management

Sharing all the reservation and main guest details.


Cancel one specific existing booking.

Payments Integration

Check the final price and availability.